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SALFO & Associates SA is a leading International Engineering and Management Consulting Firm offering state of the art services, covering a broad spectrum of facilities and technologies used.

Through our involvement in large scale projects financed by governments and international donors we have proved our ability to work globally and to incorporate management and procurement requirements adopted by international institutions. The basis of our success and development is our human resources that meet the highest academic and professional standards and our continuous adjustment to the emerging technologies and techniques.



We recognize that complex engineering projects demand a seamless collaboration of various disciplines, each contributing its unique expertise. We foster synergy among our diverse teams to tackle projects from various angles simultaneously. Our integrated approach begins with active engagement and communication with our clients. Understanding your vision allows us to tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring successful project outcomes that align perfectly with your objectives.
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SALFO to provide Design Management Services for the new PAOK FC Stadium, Greece

SALFO has been invited by PAOK FC to provide design management services for the new Toumba Stadium, a high-end football...
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SALFO is appointed as Technical Consultant to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

SALFO has been selected to provide Technical Consultancy Services to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) to support the...
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Independent Engineer for Patra – Pyrgos Motorway, Western Greece

SALFO in a Joint Venture with Setec TPI S.A has signed on March 2022, the Contract of the Independent Engineer...
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SALFO to provide Technical Consultancy services to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, Greece

SALFO has signed the Framework Agreement with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation of Greece to provide Technical Consultancy Services...
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SALFO is now expanding in Austria

We are excited to announce that SALFO & ASSOCIATES SA. is now expanding in a new office Austria! We are...
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National Road Design Standards for the KSA

We are very proud to be partners with the MoT as Technical Consultants for the development of the National Road...
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5th International Traffic Safety Forum and Exhibition

We are excited to support the 5th International Traffic Safety Forum and Exhibition, as Road Safety Partner. The Forum is...

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