SALFO’s BIM services redefine project implementation, emphasizing efficiency, accuracy, and collaborative excellence across the entire project lifecycle. Supported by an in-house team of BIM experts, state-of-the-art technology, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we elevate our projects to unprecedented levels of success.

Recognizing the intricacies inherent in modern construction projects, SALFO’s BIM Management services serve as a pivotal cornerstone for fostering effective collaboration and communication throughout the entire project lifecycle. We leverage advanced BIM technologies to optimize workflows, mitigate risks, and enhance decision-making processes. Whether navigating the initial stages of conceptualization or navigating the intricacies of project delivery, our strategic application of BIM establishes a resilient foundation for success.

Through the implementation of data-driven insights, SALFO empowers all project stakeholders to make well-informed decisions, optimize workflows, and proactively identify potential challenges. From the design and coordination phases to project monitoring and completion, our BIM services, driven by data and automation, provide a robust framework for ensuring successful and efficient project delivery. The seamless integration of data and automations into project workflows not only enhances precision but also significantly minimizes the risks of delays and cost overruns.

  • BIM Management
  • Information Management
  • BIM & Design Coordination
  • Clash Detection
  • BIM Modelling
  • 4D Planning
  • 5D Cost Planning & Control
  • Change Management using BIM
  • Asset Information Management
  • CAFM
  • Scan-to-BIM
  • Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)