In the context of social awareness and respecting human values and rights, and with main aim to improve and upgrade the quality of life of vulnerable social groups, our company annually supports the work of recognized institutions and organizations.

This year we supported the following institutions:

– Stegi of Syrians in Greece: medicines, clothing, shoes, raincoats, toys and diapers .

– 10th Elementary School of Palaio Faliro: computer and monitor to cover the technological and educational needs of the school.

– Hatzikonsta Foundation: air-conditioning unit and projector.

– Mitera Infants Center: essentials (such as diapers, wipes, shampoos) for infants and toddlers. We will continue to be present in the field of social contribution and we invite our collaborators and employees to support us and assist us, where they can, in building an “intra-corporate social culture”, to help the people who are in need.