Al Rayan Complex

Al Rayan Complex Buildings and Towers

The scope of the project was the construction of a mixed-use development at Al Nahda, Sharjah consisting of a 8-level Commercial Podium 14.000m²/level with 2 basements, two 35-storey Residential Towers B & C and one 35-storey Offices Tower A, including all Architectural,  , Electromechanical and Finishes, in a built area of 280,000m².

The shoring system is Diaphragm Wall with 1 level of ground anchors for 10m excavation of 500 linear meters and 733 No. of cast-in-situ bored piles (37m length) executed under the foundation of the building. The site has a plot area of 24,750 m²

The project has been designed to international standards and practices.