“Mega construction projects in legacy” presentation in UCL

On January 29, 2018, Mr. Miltos Farmakis, Senior Architect of SALFO &  Associates in Place Vendome project, Qatar, was invited by the Bartlett School (UCL) of London, to give a lecture to the postgraduate students of the School of Construction and Project Management regarding “Mega Construction Projects in Legacy”.

The objective of the lecture was to present the requirements of a project during its construction phase over time, reflecting the conditions and parameters that should be taken into account for its timely completion, examining various perspectives (economic, structural, functional, environmental, etc),  as well as the impact and the “footprint” of the project in a long term operation. Mr. Farmakis presented Vendome Mall as a case study, where Salfo provides project management services for both design and construction of the project, ensuring quality and safety in all procedures, by applying best practices. Place Vendome is a mix use development of 1.000.000 sq.m BuA in a plot of 200.000 sq.m. The main mall building consists of 2 parking basements, a lower ground floor level, an upper ground floor level and 2 floors. Adjacent are developed three 5 star hotels and 2 parking towers. The overall budget of the project is estimated in 1.25 billion US dollars.