Infrastructure, Power & Renewable Energy Investment Conference

Mr. Paris Verginis, Country Director of Salfo Oman Branch, participated in the 2016 RENPOWER Infrastructure, Power & Renewable Energy Investment Forum, under the Auspices and with the collaboration of the Ministry of Energy of Iran. The forum took place in Iran, on 6th and 7th November 2016.

Iran’s energy sector is one of the world’s biggest hotbeds for investment, as the country aims to rebuild its infrastructure after the lifting of nuclear sanctions in January. Hundreds of projects are ready to take off in Iran’s infrastructure, power and renewable energy sectors. Iran’s installed electricity production capacity, which is currently at 75,000 MW, should reach 105,000 MW under the sixth five-year development plan (2016-21).

The event has been the center of attention for the industry as it provided a unique platform for companies and stakeholders. Iranian national organizations and government authorities supported the event as the main aim was to help to shape trends in the industry and provide solutions to the many practical issues. It also provided tremendous opportunities for networking for all parties involved. Please click here to view the forum’s agenda.