Athens Urban Transport Integrated Telematics System PPP

The Project “Athens Urban Transport Integrated Telematics System PPP” has successfully completed. SALFO & Associates in cooperation with Remaco SA has been appointed as the Independent Certifier (IC) for the Integrated Telematics System of the Athens Urban Transport PPP, by the SPV of the Project ’Advanced Transport Telematics SA” that was formed by Intrasoft International S.A./ Intrakat S.A and by the “Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) S.A.”. The scope of the Project involves the design, financing, maintenance and facility management of a telematics system which includes installation of Telematics equipment to 2.000 buses and 1.000 “Smart bus stations” that shall provide information to the users of the Public Transport Means (OSY) by OASA telematics Application to android, iOS and Windows Phones and shall manage their fleet of vehicles. This project is the second PPP completed project which has been implemented in Greece.