Testing & Commissioning Manager (Metro Systems)

Thessaloniki, Nomos Thessalonikis, Greece | Technical

Electrical or Mechanical Engineer with 20 years general experience and at least 10 years’ experience in Metro Systems, Rolling Stock and Depot engineering, testing and commissioning.

Roles & Responsibilities
• Review the Contractor’s testing & commissioning plans, schedules and strategies for all testing phases (SAT, SIT, SPT and Trial Run).
• Identify areas of improvement in commissioning plans and procedures, implementing best industry practices.
• Oversee the correct execution of the approved testing procedures to ensure that all Metro Systems and Rolling Stock are functioning as per specifications and approved designs.
• Commissioning of the central systems (Signaling and Train Control, Telecommunications, SCADA, etc.) for the Operation Control Center (OCC) and the Emergency Control Room (ECR).
• Ensure that comprehensive records of commissioning activities, test results and system certifications are maintained and properly organized and archived by the Contractor for future reference and compliance purposes.
• Coordinate with the Contractor, Operator, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure smooth integration and commissioning of all Metro Systems and Rolling Stock.
• Identify potential risks during commissioning and work on mitigation plans to minimize impact on project time schedule.
• Ensure all commissioning activities adhere to applicable laws, safety standards and regulations, minimizing risk to workers, passengers and the environment.
• Support the Operator’s assessment of the Safety-related Applications Conditions (SRAC) and the implementation of the hazard mitigations measures.
• Implement quality control measures during testing and commissioning to guarantee that the Metro Systems meet the required standards and performance criteria.
• Organize and coordinate training sessions for EM metro staff and Operator and provide ongoing support during the transition phase to the System Operation.
• Address technical issues and challenges during the commissioning period, collaborating with relevant teams to find effective solutions.
• Ensure the suitable and necessary conditions that will allow the Metro System to enter the Trial Operation phase.
• Facilitate the smooth handover of the commissioned driverless metro system to the Operator (operations team).
• Monitor the performance of the system post-commissioning and address any performance issues that may arise.

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